Friday, April 18, 2003

Public Email:

Tribe Networks, Inc. Chairman, Co-Founder and former CEO of this venture backed startup. Tribe's mission is to enable individuals and communities to connect and transact. Tribe has partnered with major local newspapers and media who share our mission and is backed by The Washington Post, and Knight Ridder Digital in addition to Mayfield Venture Capital. Our service enables people to leverage their social networks and affinity groups to do online classified transactions.

SupportSoft, Inc. (Nasdaq: SPRT), Co-Founder and former Chairman and CEO of this publicly traded enterprise software company, formerly known as Founded SPRT in August 1997 along with Cadir Lee and Scott Dale to address the most fundamental problem in Windows computing, namely keeping desktop systems up and running. Developed 'DNA Probes', software algorythms which could remotely diagnose and fix PC software problems. Teamed with two world class enterprise software company builders - Robert Amaral and Tony Rodoni to build what is today the world's leading provider of service and support automation software. A large number of Global 2000 companies have standardized on SupportSoft's software as their underlying support infrastructure. SPRT was funded by Accel and SoftBank (now Mobius). CSFB lead the IPO in July, 2000. The company was earnings and cashflow positive as of 2002.

Customers include: Corporate Enterprises like ADP, BT, Bank of America, Cisco Systems, CSC, Delta Air Lines, GE, Procter & Gamble, Schlumberger, and Siebel Systems. Service Providers such as AOL Time Warner Cable, BellSouth, Charter Communications, Comcast, Cox Communications, and SBC Communications. PC and device manufacturers like IBM and Sony. Software companies like Siebel Systems where our solution is embedded in their Employee Resource Management (ERM) Software Suite.

Tank Hill